Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Needed A Stone Appraised And Made It To GIA!

                  Gemological Institute of America , World Headquarters in Carlsbad
                                                   (, to be precise!

What a fabulous place!  Halls and niches of breathtaking marble, precious gems and stones, scurrying lab workers, engaging and elaborate security personnel all in full pageantry and intertwining in one beautiful complex prism…..There’s a reason why they call it Emerald City and this place took me on a real life trip through Oz …

Gia Photo 2

Lions and Tigers, and Bears and Aquamarine and Jasper in enormous glass forms, minerals, stones and fossils in every configuration on display!  GIA is the first go-to reference point for jewelers, gemologists, scientists, authors, media and researchers from all around the world, amazing ~

When I first entered the grounds of GIA after passing the security gates, I was awe inspired.  I was struck by the calm elegance, decorum and order of all who were working, studying and visiting here. Careful procedure is taken at first to screen everyone who enters, but are free to explore the beauty of the Geo world at their own leisure.  GIA’s library has more than 38,000 reference books and also houses CARTIER’S Rare Book Repository…

Originally, my trip to GIA was to simply  authenticate my stone and go on my merry way.  But after my trip through Emerald City and my visit to Oz, I noticed a “Christie Auction” sign beckoning me on my way out.  This finalized  my conclusion that this lovely world of Oz means serious, serious business on a whole other geo level, Oh my.Smile

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